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RealValuator brings you detailed information about ALL real estate transactions and events, including Pre-Foreclosures, Foreclosures, Sales, Bank Owned Sales, Government Conveyance, and Listings. RealValuator is updated on a daily basis.

RealValuator provides you with the information you need to:
  • Provide your clients with an accurate and thorough depiction of market conditions around a specific property, in a neighborhood, in a particular area, county or state.
  • Get listing agreements by demonstrating a thorough understanding of the local market.
  • Advise clients of the need for price reductions by showing distress in their neighborhood.
  • Verify purchase offers with data that supports what may be perceived as a low offer price.
  • Quickly review price and listing history for listed property.
  • Know if your listing has gone into Pre-Foreclosure.
  • Locate Short Sale Opportunities
  • Locate Foreclosure properties before they are listed in MLS.
Using The Pulse
RealValuator’s PULSE is a property search engine that allows you to enter in a specific address or location of interest and visualize the Real Estate events and transactions occurring around that location.

Real Estate Event Definitions within RealValuator include

The bank or lender has initiated the Foreclosure process by advertising The Legal Notice of Default in the Legal Organ in the county where the homeowner resides. In order to have the legal right to foreclose on a homeowner’s property, the bank or lender must advertise this notice for 4 consecutive weeks. Typically the bank or lender will publish this legal notice after at least 90 days of delinquency. (Source: The Legal Organs where the Notices of Default are advertised, typically the County Newspaper.)

Denotes when the bank or lender has actually taken ownership of a property in default at the courthouse steps. (Source: Foreclosure deeds from the courthouse.)

Government Conveyances:
Are the situations where a Government entity such as FANNIE, FREDDIE, HUD, or VA guaranteed a loan, the homeowner defaulted on that loan, the bank or lender foreclosed on the property, and the bank or lender transfers or conveys title of that property to the government entity which guaranteed that loan. (Source: Courthouse Deeds.)

Market Sales:
Generally refer to these sales as arms length transactions, an individual lists their property through an agent and it sells, properties sold by owner, short sales are also included in this category because it is still the individual doing the selling. (Source: Courthouse Deeds.)

Bank/Government Sales:
Sold properties having either a Lending Institution or a Government Entity as the seller. Bank foreclosed on a property and sold it out of their inventory, or Bank foreclosed on a property then conveyed title to a Government entity which sold it out of their inventory. (Source: Courthouse Deeds.)

Properties listed with an Agent in either FMLS or GAMLS. (Source: FMLS listing feed and GAMLS listing feed.)

Using RealValuator
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The PULSE is a Property Search engine that allows you to enter in a specific address or location of interest and visualize the Real Estate events and transactions occurring around that location.

Expand the "Property Details" for specific information on each property your search yields.

Detailed Property Event History boxes show you all of the events and transactions tied to that address.

View actual Legal Notices of Default for pre-foreclosure properties.

HomeStat and MarketStat Reports
HomeStat Reports Provide you with a summary of the Real Estate Activity within a radius of a particular address, and they can help you Identify trends in hyper-local markets.

Listing Presentations: Effectively demonstrate in depth hyper local market knowledge with easy to interpret charts and graphs. Educate perspective clients of the activity in their area affecting the value of their property.

Pricing Conversations with Sellers: Convey the effect of distress on the value of a seller’s property by showing them the pre-foreclosure and foreclosure activity in their area, and comparing Average Initial Listing Price, actual Market Sales average price, and the typically discounted Bank/Government Owned Sales prices.

Validating Offers with Buyers: Use the HomeStat Report to validate and offer with a buyer client by providing a synopsis of how you came to that price supported by the data.

MarketStat Report: Will provide you with the same report as HomeStat but allows you to search by County(s) or FMLS Area(s). Market Trends in broader geographic areas.
Using MyRV
Save Your Searches: You can save your searches of Interest to recall at the click of a button (store all of your listings to MyRV to quickly check on current listings and the surrounding activity).

Save Specific Properties: You can save specific properties to MyRV as well to track potential listings or properties of interest.

MyRV is not static to the point in time when you save a search or a property, it will always reflect the most current market conditions when recalling a saved search or property.

Under the "My Account" Tab: Edit your contact information that is displayed on all of your listings on RealValautor and on your HomeStat and MarketStat reports when exported to PDF.
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